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US Forest Service Meeting on Copper Nickel Mining near the BWCAW

Last night I attended the first half of the final public hearing on copper nickel mining near the Boundary Waters.  It was held by the U.S. Forest Service at the Virginia High School and the humid evening was packed to the gills in the slightly rundown but still grand auditorium that was built by mining money.  Visually the crowd was filled with all ages and lots of blue shirts, hats and stickers that read "We Support Mining".  Surprising to me was the amount of young families in attendance in support of mining.  But that doesn't mean that people opposed to copper nickel mining especially Save the Boundary Waters were not out in full force.

The deadline for public testimony to the US Forest Service is August 17th.  Here is a link for you to submit your public testimony. 

Marshall Helmberger from the Timberjay will give us the full story on Friday morning at 7:20.  Send us your thoughts.  Here's some links to newspaper coverage on both sides of the issue:

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Here's some of the tweets from last night's meeting. 

Jobs for Minnesotans @JobsforMN "We need job opportunities here. Technology is better and regulation is tougher. Now is the time." - Mike Jugovich, St. Louis County Board FOX 21 News @KQDS_FOX21 Virginia High School was packed Tuesday night with hundreds showing up to voice their opinions of the U.S. Forest... fb.me/8QxiiOMET Michelle Valadez @Welcome2MN John Doberstein on non-ferrous mining in Virginia, MN. #SavetheBWCA youtube.com/watch?v=e_3mix… via @YouTube Boundary Waters @savethebwca Jim Voytilla asks the @forestservice to look at peer reviewed science on the environmental and economic impacts #SavetheBWCA KAXE KBXE Radio @KAXE Rep rob ecklund "assault on mining" "save our middle class" #mnmining #savethebwca KAXE KBXE Radio @KAXE "We are sick of D.C. Telling us what to do" so far all are opposed to withdrawal Sen Jason metsa talks safe mining #mining #savethebwca