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Find Out More About Flower Flies with Heather Holm on the Tuesday Morning Show

Heather Holm is a biologist, pollinator conservationist, and award-winning author.  She joins Heidi and John on the Tuesday Morning Show to talk about the book published by Pollination Press Flower Flies of Minnesota that she worked on with the late Scott King.

Flower flies look like a miniature wasp or bee but they are neither. They neither bite nor sting.  The yellow and black striping is only for show.  Heather tells us you can identify a flower fly by its short and stubby antennae. Heather talks about the variety of flower flies in our area and the many benefits of having them in Minnesota.  From gardeners to biologists, anyone who is interested in the natural world would like this book.  To find out more about the authors, Flower Flies of Minnesota and other pollination books go to