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DNR Wildlife Specialist Pam Perry on the Short-Tailed Shrew

On the Tuesday Morning Show John and Heidi welcome back Pam Perry, a retired non-game wildlife biologist for the Minnesota DNR.  Pam was joining them this morning to talk birds, but she lets us know that her bird feeder has been boring lately and she would rather talk about mammals instead.  Having recently spotted a short-tailed shrew, under her bird feeder, she shares her knowledge of this small nocturnal mammal with us.  They are seldom spotted because they burrow under the snow in the winter and camouflage against the ground in the summer.  John and Pam talk about the types of food they eat, mostly invertebrate, but they are venomous and able to use this to subdue bigger prey such as mice.

Pam and John discuss how difficult it is for animals to survive here in the winter but assure us that spring has begun.  Animals and birds have become more active, they remind us to look and listen to the action around us this time of year.