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DNR Wildlife Specialist Pam Perry on Timberdoodles, Eagles, Turkey Vultures and More


Pam Perry is a retired non-game wildlife specialist for the Minnesota DNR.  She joins John Latimer and Heidi Holtan on the Tuesday Morning Show to talk about birds. Pam says that this is the time of year you can go out and see something new every day.  It is waterfowl season and the ducks are moving, you can see robins, juncos, cranes and the redpolls are still showing up at her feeder.  John tells about spotting a gathering of 21 bald eagles on the ice and Pam reports a turkey vulture sighting near Brainerd.  Pam and John talk about the American woodcock, also known as the timberdoodle, and they give us tips on how to listen for them and where to spot them.  Pam reminds us that it’s Spring – get outdoors and enjoy it!