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Abbie Anderson and Stephan Carlson with the Pesky Plant Tracker Program

John and Heidi are joined on the Tuesday Morning Show by two University of Minnesota staff members.  Educator, artist, and scientist Abbie Anderson and phenologist Stephan Carlson talk about their project, Pesky Plant Trackers.

Japanese Knotwood

Pesky Plant Trackers is a citizen science opportunity focused on two non-native plants, wild parsnip and Japanese knotweed. Volunteers use a program called Nature's Notebook to collect important information by observing seasonal changes in leaves, flowers, and fruits.  In the discussion about these two invasive plant’s we hear descriptions, plant locations, how they spread and the problems they cause the environment.

Wild Parsnip

Training programs are available on line as either a self-paced course or class held on a Zoom program starting on March 22nd.  For more information on becoming a volunteer or to find other ways to participate go to