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They rhythmic biological events as they relate to climate.

Phenology Talkbacks: School Reports, 2/18/20

Lyn & Kerry Cristoffer via KAXE-KBXE Season Watch Facebook Page
Sharp Skinned Hawk

Tuesdays are special at Northern Community Radio.  It's our day to really focus on what's going on in terms of climate and nature.   When school is in session, we are even more jazzed than normal because  young phenologists across Minnesota call in their classroom phenology reports.This week we heard from kids in Ely, Two Harbors, Proctor and Northfield!  Longer days, lichens, great gray owls and full moons are just a few of the goodies from today's reports.  Check them all out to find out what's happening across Minnesota!  You can send along a note to report what you've observed outside by emailing us or leaving a voice message at 218-999-9876!  Also, don't forget to check out the KAXE-KBXE Season Watch Facebook page!   

Ely students report longer days,  deer, snowshoe hares and a flying squirrel! 

East of Duluth and West of Two Harbors the kids at North Shore Community School report full moon reflections and a hunting great gray owl!

North Shore Community School Report

Our first report from Pike Lake Elementary near Proctor includes snow depth reports, lichens and a birdfeeder census!  

Pike Lake Elementary School Report

Kids in Northfield at Prairie Creek Community School  report pairs of cardinals, calling owls, hawks and eagles! 

Prairie Creek Community School Report