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Album of the Week: Mississippi River Suite by Michael J. Miles

Michael J. Miles is a tecaher, and a renowned clawhammer banjo player, and has worked alongside some of the masters of the instrument like Bela Fleck and Pete Seeger. Our album of the week, Mississippi River Suite, which features beat poet Zahra Glenda Baker throughout, uses the river that 'divides the nation' as the foundation for this project about our divided nation. 

Both teachers from Chicago, Baker and Miles use the poetry alongside the unplugged music to convey a great, 3-part story. Check out our album of the week here, and tune in this next week to hear more!

The music director at KAXE since 2014, Kari (pronounced Car-ee) Hedlund reviews music on the daily. She also hosts New Music every Wednesday (2 and 10 p.m.) and Sunday (noon), along with the KAXE Morning Show on Thursdays.