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Law enforcement arrests 2 in connection with Eveleth assault, kidnapping case

St. Louis County Sheriff's Office Facebook page

Authorities say the sexual assault of a woman and the kidnapping and beating of a man took place over several days at a private Eveleth home.

EVELETH—Two men were arrested in connection with a kidnapping and sexual assault case that took place over several days in Eveleth.

The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension reported the incident took place at a private Eveleth home starting on or around Nov. 27. A woman was sexually assaulted and beaten, and a man was kidnapped, beaten and held against his will for an extended time, according to authorities. The victims eventually escaped and fled the city. They then reported the incident to the BCA on Dec. 1. The victims are reportedly in stable condition.

The BCA, with support from the St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office and the Eveleth and Gilbert police departments, conducted interviews and executed multiple search warrants in and around Eveleth on Friday, Dec. 8.

This is an active and ongoing investigation. Formal charges against the two Eveleth men, a 29-year-old and a 37-year-old, are expected to be filed in Virginia early next week.