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Strong Women Focus Group: How are you holding up? How was 2020?

Strong Women facilitator Laura Connelly joins Heidi Holtan to discuss the recent women’s focus group they held to ask women how they are holding up during this past year.  With the pandemic, the political divide and racial inequities, women ended up with more responsibilities then they had before.  They gathered via Zoom to talk about their challenges with additional work in caregiving, home schooling and trying to understand all the things they have had to deal with in 2020. 

Laura and Heidi describe how it was to be in a group with women they did not know as invaluable, emotional and freeing to talk about what this has been like.   A solid conversation with weight and meaning in everything that they talked about.   Laura reminds women that this has been a year like nothing we’ve seen, it is one thing to have a pandemic it is another thing to feel the political divide and racial inequities, any one thing is a lot but we need to realize I did the best I could with what I had.  Heidi says to remember to give yourself grace.