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I've definitely gone through a bit of a mourning period...I was performing anywhere between one to four shows a week, for the last seven, eight years. So..., it's just been so devastating in so many ways for any artist that does it for a living...It's been stressful, but at the same time, to be able to use technology to still  play in some capacity and then, of course, to be writing's been a bit of a saving grace, if that makes sense. ... So it's kind of been all the things - it's been terrible and also amazing .- Jillian Rae on the pandemic impact

Northern Voices: Red Lake Buffalo Project

Apr 1, 2021

The Red Lake Nation has been working on a project for a few years now, bringing buffalo to the area. And in September 2020, buffalo arrived from Wind Cave National Park. Today on Northern Voices, we’ll hear how the Red Lake Buffalo project is growing, and how one particular young buffalo went on an adventure.

Strong Women Focus Group: How are you holding up? How was 2020?

Mar 20, 2021

Strong Women facilitator Laura Connelly joins Heidi Holtan to discuss the recent women’s focus group they held to ask women how they are holding up during this past year.  With the pandemic, the political divide and racial inequities, women ended up with more responsibilities then they had before.  They gathered via Zoom to talk about their challenges with additional work in caregiving, home schooling and trying to understand all the things they have had to deal with in 2020. 

Strong Women: Legendary Women of Brainerd Public Schools

Mar 19, 2021

Lauren Nickish is a retired music educator, an actress and a playwright.  She joins Heidi Holtan and John Bauer on the Friday Morning Show to talk about this year’s inductees into the Legendary Women of Brainerd Public Schools hall of fame.

Each year a committee of women induct legendary women into the archives of legendary women of Brainerd public schools.  Lauren talks about the nine women chosen by the committee this year, some of their accomplishments and what impact it has on young students and educators at Brainerd High School.

Last year was phenomenal.   We had 960 gallons of sap and then that of course boiled down to 20+  gallons of syrup. I don't know what to expect this year... The frost isn't out of the ground yet, but we've already started boiling. It could be really big or it could...It could be one and done, one big run and then they shut down and and you have to stop collecting sap. - Mur Gilman

MN Author Patricia Hoolihan on Meditations for Caregivers

Mar 12, 2021

Author Patricia Hoolihan joins Heidi and John on the Thursday Morning Show to talk about her new book Hands and Heart Together: Daily Meditations for Caregivers.  While caregiving for her parents Patricia found meditation books were often missing the special needs that caregivers have.  She tells about the intense experience of caregiving, covering the on-going demands of the person you are caring for while finding balance for your own needs.  She talks about caregiving difficulties during the pandemic, working through crisis and finding support dealing with the guilt carried by c

People talk all the time about how we aren't going to have a future... I sort of want a future... a good one!... and I want everyone else to, too!  So, I might as well start somewhere and just get some stuff done...and everyone should be able to garden. - Bridget Westrum, 16 

The day of the reunification, it was October 3rd, 1990, we woke up in a new country without having was a roller coaster of events, of emotions.  This just came like an avalanche, then there was the big euphoria, of course...  so first you couldn't believe it, and then as it sank in and then... What happens?- Monika Lawrence

Minnesota’s education gaps are widening. The gaps have persisted for decades despite the policies from the last two decades that were designed to close them.  Do all Minnesota children have a right to a quality education?  Justice Page and Nevada Littlewolf think so. 

Our Children MN

Following Justice Page’s partnership with the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, Our Children started hearing from Minnesota parents, students and student

100 Rural Women sees a future where more rural women lead positive change for themselves, their family, their communities, the nation and, of course, the world...We're really committed to building leadership through networks, mentorship, education and civic engagement. And I think most importantly, our organization is nonprofit, nonpartisan. We're all about finding ways for women to connect...