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The Old Crocodile Man Theory - A Novel of Murder, Mystery and Monkey Business by Philip Hunsicker


Phil Hunsicker was our guest today from Brainerd.  He's got a new book out "The Old Crocodile Man Theory - A Novel of Murder, Mysteray and Monkey Business".  It's the story of Kael Husker who sees a headline involving a woman he knew in the Peace Corps it reads Crocodile Man Kills American Researcher in Central Africa. 

By purchasing a copy of this book, and without doing anything more, you have done something good. For every copy sold, a contribution will be made to help the people of the Central African Republic (C.A.R.), a place that has been described as one of the poorest nations in the world. It is also the setting for my story. Two organizations will benefit. The first is Water for Good (www.waterforgood.org), which is an American nonprofit that digs water wells throughout the C.A.R. to provide whole villages with something most Americans take for granted – clean drinking water. The second organization with which I’d like to share my profits is the World Wildlife Fund (www.worldwildlife.org), an international conservation organization that established a park and reserve in the southwestern corner of the C.A.R. to protect forest wildlife like elephants, gorillas, bongo, and chimpanzees.