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What We're Reading: Books to Help Us Learn More About the Black Lives Matter Movement


The killing of George Floyd, a black man from Minneapolis, by a police officer was like pouring gasoline on a smoldering fire. As many of us watched the protests grow across the country, you may have found yourself wondering: How did we get here? What can we do? And hopefully now you’re asking...how can we move forward--together? 

Along with peaceful protests in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, many activists have been encouraging people to read up on the subjects of systemic racism and justice. To learn, be informed, and think about what race means in this global modern world. What it means for you, and for others.

To that extent, there has been an outpouring of book lists you can easily find online, but we turned to some of our local experts--we recently spoke to some professors at Bemidji State University who research and teach to the issues of race and diversity and social justice and we got their recommendations along with some context and perspectives on the books and these issues. The books mentioned in this program, along with other books people have been talking about, are included below. More information on the books can be found here. (If the site asks you to log in, you can click on the x in the top corner to continue to the book list.)

Books mentioned on this edition of What We're Reading.

What We're Reading, part 2: Dr. Dennis Lunt, Dr. Egypt Grandison, One Book One Minnesota, a list of books people are reading on Black Lives Matter.