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Kellie Rae Theiss: An artist with a reverent nature

...it's just so incredible, the matrix in nature...when I see a bird, I see the bird. I see the shape of it but at the same time I see the history and the biology and the beauty … and they feel like poetry to me. - Kellie Rae Theiss

Nature gives us hope.  Art gives us hope. Inspired people give us hope.  We are celebrating hope this week and Kellie Rae Theiss is a painter who gives us hope.



I'm hoping that with my artwork that people will just slow down and look around and notice and appreciate, just appreciate their surroundings and nature and give back when they can and protect when they can. - Kellie Rae Theiss

We spoke with her on the morning show about her art, her process, and her connection to Northern Community Radio.  Become a member at $20/month and receive your own wearable art featuring Kellie Rae’s egret!  Click on the donate button above or give us a call at 1-800-662-5799!