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Lance Heddan: Renaissance Man

I had to learn how to make things and make do with what was available... one day...he called me up and he said, “Lance, do you make stained glass lamps?” And I lied and I said, “Yes, John. I make stained glass lamps” and he says, “Well, I've got this commission for the Duluth Airport to do the ceiling fixtures and all the stained glass windows and they want some lamps and I don't do that. Would you be interested in doing the lamps? I'll give you access to the glass at my studio if you do them.” And I said, “well, that sounds great.”So I taught myself how to make stained glass lamps and they turned out pretty good. And that got me in the door... - Lance Heddan 

The fabric of Lance Heddan’s life is woven with threads of curiosity, creativity, connection, and soul...  He’s a painter, a glass artist, and a musician who plays saxophones, clarinet, trumpet and flutes.  Meet Lance and learn how renaissance festivals influenced and inspired his life in this Area Voices segment. 

... There were all these people at the Renaissance Festival who were artists and musicians and builders and, you know, true Renaissance type individuals. And I had never really encountered people like that in my life before. I didn't really know what it meant to be encouraged to do more than one thing.  And... I always played music, but I was shy about it. And that allowed me to play with...at the Renaissance Fair -some really good musicians, some wannabes, some amateurs...it gave me the opportunity to actually play with other people and get that sense of what a wonderful spiritual communication it was, which is what I really love about music more than anything. - Lance Heddan