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Sugarbush Check-in: Mur Gilman


Last year was phenomenal.   We had 960 gallons of sap and then that of course boiled down to 20+  gallons of syrup. I don't know what to expect this year... The frost isn't out of the ground yet, but we've already started boiling. It could be really big or it could...It could be one and done, one big run and then they shut down and and you have to stop collecting sap. - Mur Gilman

 In this sugarbush check-in, Mur Gilman joins the morning show.  Click the arrow to learn how this year is going for her, what her set up is like,  and why she thinks it's the perfect retirement activity.

I just got hooked, I'm a cross cross-country skier...In the spring when the snow goes away and the ground is brown and sometimes still frozen, it's like, what do you do?  And you want to be outside! So this is like the perfect thing... I like syrup that you can see through. And that's really pretty much my guiding principle...if I'm going to give you some syrup, I want you to feel like you've got something that you couldn't have gone to the store and bought...I want that quality. That's me...I shouldn't let it stress me, but sometimes it does because there's a lot to do. -Mur Gilman

How's your sap run going?  Send us an email with an update and/or a picture!