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AV: Annie Roseen's Instagram Transformations and BOLD Choice Theatre

I love their faces, but their faces are usually a reflection of something they’ve gone thru our why we love watching them or why we love their work...really human things that you imagine public figures are able to avoid for some reason.  A lot of the women that I do are survivors of violence, of sexual assault...people who seem really resilient or poppy or glamorous have been through it....I’ve seen their artwork...and now to read about them and look at their face and know that that’s not what anyone knows of them but that’s what they’ve carried around with them has been really fascinating. - Annie Roseen. 

Annie Roseen transformed herself into Gloria Steinem and posted a pic of her look on Gloria’s birthday last year. Since March 25, 2020, she’s celebrated birthdays of notable people in history every day by morphing into their persona and posting a picture on her Instagram page.  She's the Arts Director for BOLD Choice Theatre Company, an outreach theatre program creating original productions that tour to schools and organizations spreading messages of acceptance, diversity, and personal pride. Annie visited the morning show to chat about her daily Instagram adventures and BOLD Choice Theatre.