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Votes for Women, Ja!: Jane Peck Brings Stories of Nordic Suffragists to the Bemidji Library

Jane Peck

Stories of a great aunt traveling by train from northern Minnesota to the Twin Cities to attend demonstrations and lectures dedicated to the women's suffrage movement inspired Jane Peck to take a closer look at the role of Nordic women in the 19th Amendment.  She's created a one women theatrical experience that brings her great aunt's story to life as well as the powerful stories of Clara Ueland, Bertha Moller and Nanny Mattson Jaeger who were dedicated to the cause of equal rights and women's right to vote. 

Using a toolbox that includes acting, dance, song, slides and lecture, Jane's "Votes For Women, Ja!" provides an  entertaining, multi-modal means of understanding a part of Minnesota history that has often been overlooked.  

We spoke with Jane on the morning show about her production and the inspirations behind it.

"Votes for Women, Ja!" begins at 5:30pm, Tuesday, March 3rd at the Bemidji Public Library.