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J. Ryan Stradal and The Lager Queen of Minnesota: What We're Reading

We welcomed back J. Ryan Stradal to KAXE/KBXE to tell us more about his brand new novel sweeping the nation, The Lager Queen of Minnesota.  It's the story of smart, capable, multi-generations of Minnesota women.  And beer, of course the science of beer! 

A lot of things stand out in this book to me - from the #3 rhubarb pie in the state at a nursing home - to a teenager living a life of crime to make money to pay for the repair of her grandma's car so she could get to her two learning the recipes and business of beer.  There's something homey but original about the stories of these women.  Stories many of us have - family strife, poverty and loss.  And did I mention beer?

Heidi Holtan is KAXE's Director of Content and Public Affairs where she manages producers and is the local host of Morning Edition from NPR. Heidi is a regional correspondent for WDSE/WRPT's Duluth Public Television’s Almanac North.