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Nibikaang - From the Water Art Exhibit

"Water has no political religious or ethnic identity. We have relationships with water based on beliefs needs and appreciation. Emotions such as joy, sorrow, fear, love and prayer are responses we have to water...but water has been shown to respond to what we do what we say and it's here to take care of us." - Karen Goulet, Director of the Miikanan Gallery

Nibikaang, the Ojibwe word meaning "from the water" is a new, collaborative, multi-media exhibit at the Watermark Art Center in Bemidji.  Hosted by the Miikinann Gallery inside the Watermark, Nibikaang touts over 40 works by multiple artists ranging from large scale sculptures to paintings to textile art and much more.  Pieces arrived from across Minneosta and as far away as Montana, Idaho, Arizona and New Mexico and were juried for acceptance into the show by artists Aaron Spangler and Hillary Kempenich. Karen Goulet is gallery director at the Miikanan.  She stopped by KBXE to tell us more about this special arts showcase.