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last night of the carnival: Marsh Muirhead and Haiku


“Haiku are kind of the most gem-like, jewel-like poem.  They are very short.  Unlike other poetry, they don’t use fancy words, metaphor, simile, rhyme.  The lines aren’t even capitalized…and they are usually three lines of something fewer than 17 syllables that compare one image with another or reveal an image and then change it so there is a surprise.” –Marsh Muirhead

Marsh Muirhead’s second book of haiku last night of the carnival has recently been published.  He’ll be reading from that collection and holding a craft talk about haiku at Sparkling Waters restaurant tonight at 6:30pm in Bemidji. He stopped by the morning show to talk about haiku and his new book.  Muirhead previously published her cold martini, another book of haiku and Key West explained: a guide for the traveler.

This Saturday, Muirhead will host a writing workshop dedicated to haiku at his home this Saturday from 9-noon.  Call 800-662-5799 for more information!