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Artist Interview: Mary Beth Magyar

“My idea is… a little bit of this dystopic idea of the environment…Perhaps the environment is doing exactly what it needs to do to get rid of humans that are causing it so much trouble…what if … nature took over some of the left over materials we had discarded – metal, clay… – and they started making more substantial hives and more substantial communities to protect themselves and get rid of us.” – Mary Beth Magyar on her Anal0gous series

Mary Beth Magyar’s hive series called Analogous is currently on exhibit in the Minnesota gallery inside the MacRostie Arts Center in Grand Rapids.  John and Heidi spoke with Mary Beth about the inspirations behind her hive series, her creative process, her passion for hives and nests, and her new dog Luna.

“I think right now, at least politically and sociologically, that people don’t feel like they matter, that one person can’t make a difference.  And… one bee can make a difference… with pollination, and so…you can make a difference… you can make a difference. One little part in the environment, you can change it.”   - Mary Beth Magyar