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Artist Interview: Kathy McTavish

“As a musician, I worked a lot in wordless spaces.  So, places where the literal meaning wasn’t, boom, right there on the surface.  And yet, music is very “transportative.”    It’s an expressive tool that sort of names something that maybe is a little bit beneath the surface, beneath words…I think because of that early experience, I’ve always felt very comfortable creating environments where I have a lot of expressive intent…I feel like working in abstract spaces, working in sound spaces without words sometimes leaves it open to the viewer to have their own experience…” - Kathy McTavish

Kathy McTavish is a cellist, a media artist, a computer coder, a composer and a creator of installation art whose exhibits create unique multi-modal, multi-sensory experiences for anyone who finds themselves inside one.  Her exhibit Cloud Factory is currently showing at the Lyric Center for the Arts in Virginia, MN.  Cloud Factory melds quilting, computer coding, wall projections, chants and much more.  Kathy spoke with us on the morning show about her exhibit.  

Cloud Factory will be at the Lyric Center thru the end of March.  

“I’ve really liked working with installations because I’m able to make an environment that people can come into so it’s not just like a one off performance, but it’s a room people can inhabit for a while…” - Kathy McTavish

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