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Disassembler, 'Dynasty'

The name Disassembler couldn't be more appropriate. Christopher Royal King (co-founder of Texas post-rock band This Will Destroy You) and violinist and composer Christopher Tignor never personally met — even via phone call or video chat — to make their new album A Wave from a Shore. Living on separate coasts, they sent audio files, downloads and texts between New York and Los Angeles. Over a four-month period of tinkering, deconstructing and reassembling they came up with a meditative, electroacoustic oasis of calm for a battered world. "Dynasty" offers a poignant blend of tradition and technology. The music creeps in slowly from the ether, opening with shimmering waves of electronics, until a wistful six-note theme in low strings takes hold, providing a secure footing for the journey forward into the light.

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