Friday Morning Show

Robin Cunningham joined John and Heidi to describe a beautiful bowl of oatmeal, complete with a freshly picked apple, cinnamon, and walnuts; and topped with butter and cream. "It tastes like apple crisp alamode," Robin said. To compliment the meal, she was drinking freshly ground French roast coffee all in the comfort of the smoky hills of Minnesota.

Birthday Pie Guy, Billy Shaw called in to share breakfast with John and Heidi on his birthday. Mom made Billy a nice peanut butter and homemade chokecherry jelly sandwich. He also had coffee with cream. He topped off the meal with cantelope and other assorted fruits. Find out about his Alaska trip and the moose who visit AirBNBs. Stay tuned to the end for a few hints on making pie crust.

Carolyn King

Carolyn King and her sisters have been watching the Miss America Pageant since the 50s.  She's been before, but not like this year, where she's watching rehearsals and getting all the behind the scenes scoop. 

Judith Hallfrisch of Baltimore City, Maryland called from her cabin near Marcel to share her breakfast of two eggs fried in butter, oregano, garlic, salsa on Dulce Bread and real coffee while working on a 2,000-piece puzzle of hundreds of cats in the screen room by the lake.

Ben Bartholomew and Michael Fitch from the Grand Rapids High School Marching Band stopped in LIVE IN-STUDIO to trade breakfast stories, marching band memories, and Ben's NO BUTTER scrambled eggs with cheese and wheat toast. Hear the whole conversation by clicking below.

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