Aaron Brown and Chuck Marohn - our liberal and conservative commentators respectively continue examining the themes of this new year of 2021.  Including the idea of democracy. 

Aaron Brown is our liberal commentator and Chuck Marohn is our conservative commentator. 


Senator Tina Smith joined us to talk about the Capitol insurrection on January 6th - she says it was an attack on the core principles of our democracy. 

MN's Attorney General Keith Ellison was back with us on KAXE/KBXE today to talk about the U.S. Postal Service and why he joined a multistate coalition in a federal lawsuit alleging violations of federal law in implementing sudden, unilateral changes. 

Photo by Tony Webster/Minnesota Reformer.

We welcomed back the Secretary of State today, Steve Simon.  In addition to Minnesota well on its way to becoming the state with the highest voter turnout again, the request for mail-in ballots as of Friday July 31, 2020 was at 545,000 requests by voters. In Minnesota, voting really matters.

Here's a couple of things to keep in mind when it comes to voting in 2020. 

1.  If you request a ballot by mail you don't HAVE to mail it back.  You can drop off your ballot at the address listed on the envelope - either your county offices or city offices.

MN's Democratic Secretary of State Steve Simon faces an uphill battle. He is supporting a bill to move Minnesota into a vote-by-mail state during periods of peacetime emergency due to infectious disease outbreaks. There would still be polling places on election day for same day registration and limited in-person voting.

The MN Presidential Primary is Tuesday March 3rd.  It is the first presidential primary in our state in three decades and comes out of the chaos at the MN caucuses in 2016.

Last February, the MN Board of Animal Health and the MN DNR confirmed that Chronic Wasting Disease was the cause of the death of a deer that was recovered near a 112 acre deer farm near Merrifield in Crow Wing County.

There are about 390 captive deer and elk farms in MN.  In April, the deer in the farm near Merrifield was closed, all the deer were killed and are being tested for CWD.  In addition, about 80 deer were killed within a two mile radius of the farm and are also being tested.

Heidi Holtan

Peter Callaghan from MinnPost talked with us about current bills in the MN Legislature having to do with claiming federal money for election security.

Marshall has the scoop today on the problems for the city of Tower and the August 14th primaries, more on the PUC's meetings about Frontier Communications and a eastern orthodox church in the tiny town of Bramble.

Minnesota can boast the #1 voter turnout in the nation...but that doesn't mean the system can't be improved upon.

MN's Secretary of State Steve Simon joined us this morning to tell us more about the integrity of Minnesota's election system, and root for the Twins of course.