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Farmers, miners, loggers and other rural workers and their families face a unique set of stresses in a normal time, but especially now during the COVID-19 pandemic, and in rural areas where there is a higher suicide rate. 

Rich Tunell is the rural mental health program coordinator at the Lake Superior Community Mental Health Center, he joins Heidi and John to talk about this problem on the Thursday Morning Show.

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The Center for Rural Policy and Development is a non-partisan, not-for-profit policy research organization dedicated to benefiting Minnesota by providing its policy makers with unbiased information and evaluation of issues from a rural perspective. 

MN Dept. of Health

Last week Beltrami and St. Louis County discussed at their meetings the executive order by President Trump Enhancing State and Local Involvement in Refugee Resettlement. 

We continue our live Dig Deep Conversation here with Aaron Brown and Chuck Marohn.  Do we become what the national media says we are? 

For our June edition of Dig Deep we were live on the air discussing national media and what it doesn't get about rural/small towns. 

Tune in for the 2nd part of our conversation with our liberal commentator Aaron Brown and our conservative Chuck Marohn.

Kelly Asche is a research associate with the Center for Rural Policy and Development and he talked with us today about their latest report - The State of Rural 2019

ICC provost Bart Johnson joined us today to talk about the community college system and how they adapt to a changing workforce.  It's the first of a series on the impact and future of the community college system in Minnesota. 

This time Aaron and Chuck dig deeper - looking at the 2018 elections and how it impacted rural and urban areas and the policies that will come from this change in leadership. 

Sarah Smarsh CreditPaul Andrews

I was knocked out by Sarah Smarsh's new book "Heartland:  A Memoir of Working Hard and Being Broke in the Richest Country on Earth".  It woke me up to the fact that most of what is written about women, written about being rural, is coming from white men.  Sarah doesn't shy away from the fact that she is white, and what that means to her growing up.  But she looks at things like what the term white trash implies.  What being a teenage mother does to a woman in a rural area.  One of my favorite parts of our conversation was at the end wh

This is the podcast/online end to the conversations that revolve around the next Governor of MN. 

We've been talking all week about the questions for the next MN Governor with our liberal commentator Aaron Brown and our conservative, Chuck Marohn.  Don't forget to listen to the podcast only edition as well! 

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