Political parties

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We continue the conversation about civility and political discourse.  How does social media change how we interact with each other about politics?  Aaron Brown and Chuck Marohn dig deep for us. 

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Heidi Holtan

Have you heard people talking about how un-civil we are, right now at this time in history? 

Has political discourse has unraveled? 

In this first conversation Chuck and Aaron take us back in history to yellow journalism and remind us that political bias and negative political campaigns were always there.  What is different is social media and how fully it overtakes our lives, day and night. 

In this unedited, podcast only edition of Dig Deep Chuck and Aaron go deeper yet into the politics of immigration - don't forget next month Dig Deep will be hosting the candidates for governor on August 21st at the Reif Center in Grand Rapids. 

Tune in to this special LIVE edition of Dig Deep -liberal Aaron Brown and conservative Chuck Marohn were part of Itasca Community College's recent conference "Navigating Information in a Post-Truth Era". 

Chuck and Aaron discuss why they do Dig Deep - why it is important to not only TALK to people who have different opinions than you, but to LISTEN.  They also talk fake news and take questions from the audience.

Here's your special podcast/website ONLY edition of the Give and Take, unfiltered.  ENJOY!


This time Aaron and Chuck move into contemporary times.  Is it possible to be a liberal Republican or a conservative Democrat in this day and age?


In this segment they reference Bill Bishop's book "The Big Sort".

Sometimes it's good to learn about the past to understand the present AND the future.  Does the present repeat the past or does it parallel the past?  Or neither?

In this installment Aaron and Chuck go more deeply into the origins of the Republican and Democratic parties, specifically in Minnesota.  They begin the conversation with Republican President Abraham Lincoln. 


This month we dig into political parties.  What where they like at the beginning of our country?  What can we learn from our history of political parties that relates to today? 

As always we welcome our conservative commentator Chuck Marohn, CEO and founder of Strong Towns, and Aaron Brown of Minnesota Brown and host of the Great Northern Radio Show on Northern Community Radio.