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This week we talked with MinnPost State Government reporter Peter Callaghan about his recent article "How Marijuana Legalization Party Candidates Could Decide Control of the MN Senate". 

Heidi Holtan

Walker Orenstein, state politics reporter for MinnPost, joins Heidi Holtan on the Thursday Morning Show to talk about the passing of the criminal justice reform bill on Tuesday of this week.  Walker talks about the origins of the bill in the past during the regular session and the first special session and the compromises made to pass it in the second session.  He talks about the criticism on the passing of the bi


MN's Democratic Secretary of State Steve Simon faces an uphill battle. He is supporting a bill to move Minnesota into a vote-by-mail state during periods of peacetime emergency due to infectious disease outbreaks. There would still be polling places on election day for same day registration and limited in-person voting.

Peter Callaghan from Minnpost

This week Walker Orenstein joined us to talk about unemployment insurance.  His latest article is "What Workers Need To Know About Unemployment Benefits During the COVID-19 Emergency". 

Gov. Tim Walz signed an executive order on Monday to tweak Minnesota’s unemployment insurance program in an effort to help people struggling with the closure of schools and businesses because of the novel coronavirus.

Photo: CDC/Alissa Eckert

Today MinnPost data reporter Greta Kaul joined us to give us the latest numbers on COVID-19 from the MN Department of Health.  She also told us about testing and numbers given, numbers of tests available and how the tests are done.

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Here's some of their articles from the last few days:

MN House DFL via MinnPost

We talked to Peter Callaghan this week - he covers state government for MinnPost.  He recently had an article that looked into the politics of legalizing recreational marijuana - especially as it relates to MN's DFL party. From his article:

MinnPost illustration by Greta Kaul

"the margin of error is 4.2%"  "Polls are neck and neck!"  "Your candidate is ahead!"