Government Shutdown

In this final on-air conversation about compromise Chuck and Aaron lead us to right and why compromise sometimes seems impossible, especially when it comes to government. 

Dig Deep is our conversation between a liberal and a conservative, who model for all of us how to listen to each other, and try to understand each other.  It's available as a podcast here. 

We continued the conversation today with Aaron Brown and Chuck Marohn on Dig Deep on compromise.  This time, they start with the Missouri Compromise.

We began our week with Dig Deep:  our liberal commentator Aaron Brown and conservative Chuck Marohn and the idea of compromise.  Tune in Wednesday at 8:10am for more of the conversation. 

Peter Callaghan from MinnPost

Minn Post state government reporter Peter Callaghan was our guest this morning - he's been covering the start of the MN Legislative Session and told us about the gun legislation being proposed and how the parties feel about it, recent press conferences including the bipartisan MN response to partial federal government shutdown - as well as information on the four MN Republican House members,14722

Marshall Helmberger joined us this morning to tell us about his friend Tom Rukavina and his lasting impact on the Iron Range.  Rukavina died earlier this week from complications from leukemia.  Marshall also continues reporting on Frontier Communications.  This week's article in the Timberjay is "Report: ‘Staggering deficiencies’:  Minnesota Commerce Department issues scathing assessment of Frontier’s servic