Ely MN

Wintergreen Northern Wear in Ely are manufacturers of outdoor clothing gear.  Aftering closing due to COVID-19 restrictions they have shifted their entire production to making masks and medical gowns for local and regional hospitals.  Bria Schurke, physican's assistant and daughter of the owners of Wintergreen Northern Wear, visits with Heidi Holtan on the Friday Morning Show.  They talk about how her medical expertise helped to guide the company in going forward during the pandemic.


This week Marshall Helmberger told us about some of their stories including the termination of Tower's Fire Chief and Ambulance Director, the Ely City Council and boycott of Native American businesses and a new Aerial Moose Survey. 

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Ely writer Scott Stowell brings us his thoughts today on magic at Christmastime.  Scott Stowell is a writer from Ely….you hear his essays from time to time on the Morning Show on KAXE/KBXE and you can read his work in the StarTribune as well.   Find out more at writingoutfitter.com.


Marshall touches on some of the big regional stories this week - including proposed copper nickel mining near Hoyt Lakes, a study on forest disturbance in northern MN and the Ely Marathon. 

A still from the upcoming movie "The Great Alaskan Race," which hits theaters on Oct. 25.

This week Marshall Helmberger reports on Senator Tina Smith's recent visit to Ely to talk economics in rural areas... she was met with lots of folks who wanted to talk about the proposed copper nickel mine Twin Metals near the Boundary Waters.  He also told us about some local movie stars, a wolf attack of a dog in Ely and the latest on Tower's lunch lady Marilyn Turnbull.