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New book recommendations from children's librarian Tracy Kampa

Children's librarian Tracy Kampa sits with child on her lap. She is reading a book to the child. Covers of books she recommends surround Tracy.
Children's librarian Tracy Kampa recommends books.

Grand Rapids Area Library children's librarian Tracy Kampa reviews and recommends new children's books of interest for "What We're Reading."

On the latest installment of What We're Reading, Grand Rapids Area Library children's librarian Tracy Kampa reviewed new picture and middle-grade books, plus a graphic novel debut called Two Tribes, written and illustrated by Emily Bowen Cohen.

In Two Tribes, a girl named Mia who grew up with her Jewish mother, decides to research her half-Native identity. Kampa calls the book “a powerful look at what it means to be of two worlds. And how important it is to bring both of these worlds together into one person.”

Kampa also recommended the following books:

  • Crane Jane by Andrea Zimmerman, illustrated by Dan Yaccarino,
  • Stranded! A mostly true story from Iceland, by Ævar Þór Benediktsson, illustrated by Anne Wilson, and
  • The Labors of Hercules Beal, by Gary Schmidt.

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