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Album of the Week: 'Here in the Pitch' by Jessica Pratt

A dark photo of singer Jessica Pratt. She has blonde hair and her arms crossed on her stomach.
Jessica Pratt released her fourth album Here in the Pitch on May 3, 2024.

"Here in the Pitch" by Jessica Pratt is KAXE's Album of the Week for May 6-12, 2024.

It’s a shame Jessica Pratt’s album came out on May 3 instead of early April. It would be the perfect soundtrack for some April showers. Luckily, Minnesota tends to be behind on the rain schedule.

Here in the Pitch is Pratt’s first album in five years since the well-received Quiet Signs. While keeping with her folk roots in addition to her distinguished voice, this album employs a rhythm section that makes for a rich listening experience. An album that still asks you to listen a little deeper for the lyrics, but you wouldn’t be afraid to put it on when you have guests over.

Pratt has mentioned that the opening track “Life Is” was inspired by the Walker Brothers’ “The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore.” The entire album has a throwback feel to it, harkening back to the '60s when folk and bossa nova were part of the pop music scene. Some tracks on this album wouldn’t sound out of place on a mixtape between Gerry and the Pacemakers or Dusty Springfield.

However, Pratt’s new album never feels beholden to the '60s and doesn't come off as just an homage. It feels like something that has come naturally to her. The rhythm section feels like something that could have always been there in her previous work but makes for a completely different album.

When promoting this album, Pratt mentioned that a lot of art is interesting because of the conflict of light and dark within it. Because a lot of the tracks on this album have an airy smooth feeling, it can be easy to miss the darkness of the lyrics. She sings about the anguish of life, the misery of chances going by as you get older. Was that the turning point I was hoping for? However, through all that she still finds the light in the end. On the final track “The Last Song” she leaves the audience with some hope.

“I think it's gonna be fine
I think we're gonna be together
And the storyline goes forever
And the distances I can see
It's you and me
I'm gone with all the changes in my mind”

Must Listen

  • “Life Is” 
  • “Better Hate” 
  • “World on a String” 
  • “Get Your Head Out” 
  • “Empires Never Know” 
  • “The Last Year”
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