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LISTEN: 'Canadiana' musician brings his live sound to KAXE studios

A man with an electric guitar kneeling on a bridge in a city. Behind him are skyscrapers with glass windows.
Jeff Plankehorn is an Americana singer-songwriter based on Vancouver Island in British Columbia.

A KAXE live session with Jeff Plankenhorn.

GRAND RAPIDS — A change of scenery can be a great way to find inspiration.

Jeff Plankenhorn is an Americana singer-songwriter who moved to Vancouver Island after 20 years living in Austin, Texas. The picturesque landscapes of the Pacific Northwest inspired his new album, Alone At Sea.

Plankenhorn recently stopped by KAXE and performed two songs from the album live in-studio. First, the title track, where the inspiration is easy to spot with references to the ocean and different types of boats.

A man with a guitar being interviewed in a radio studio by a dj. The musician is wearing a black hat and the dj has a red jacket on.
Maria Hileman
Jeff Plankenhorn speaking to Malachy Koons in October 2023 in the KAXE studios in Grand Rapids.

Next, “Maybe It’s Not Too Late,” a song that Plankenhorn called a “unitarian-universalist-everybody-welcome gospel tune.”

Listen to the full performance live from KAXE above.

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