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Minn. musician breaking down barriers by not compromising her sound

Elizabeth Ghandour of ELOUR. She has curly brown hair and is looking across the camera view.
ELOUR released her debut album, Blood Running, in April 2023.

Elizabeth Ghandour is the singer and songwriter behind Minneapolis' ELOUR, with a debut album "Blood Running" released in April.

MINNEAPOLIS — In music, and throughout society, women face certain pressures and expectations.

“You don’t hear a lot of music, female music, where they’re angry,” said Elizabeth Ghandour, speaking on Centerstage Minnesota. “I can list a couple people, but they’re not played in the mainstream.”

Ghandour is the singer and songwriter behind Minneapolis' ELOUR, with a debut album Blood Running released in April. She grew up with classical music and vocal lessons, and at one point was headed for a career in opera and art music. This was followed by a brief stint in the folk music community of the Twin Cities, but something was missing.

Black and white photo of ELOUR, a woman with curly hair looking towards the ceiling. The album art for ELOUR's "Blood Running" album.
ELOUR is the femme-rock project of classically trained vocalist Elizabeth Ghandour.

“I felt like I was not able to express myself that way,” Ghandour said, speaking about the folk scene. “People liked it so sweet and pretty … that’s not what I have the need to express.”

Turning to the electric guitar and rock music, she formed ELOUR (pronounced allure) and set out not with an agenda or message in mind, but to honestly capture her thoughts and feelings.

“I felt like, as a female, there were just so many barriers,” Ghandour said.

It was not until the album was completed that she noticed a common theme between songs.

Across Blood Running, ELOUR never shies away from raising her voice, never worries about earning a reputation, and never hesitates to call out sexism and double standards.

“There is so much angry dude music,” Ghandour said with a laugh before turning more serious. “It’s just kind of a different world for females, people who identify that way.”

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