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With 2 singles already released, Humbird planning more new music before the end of the year

Siri Undlin who performs as Humbird. She is a blonde woman with a nose ring wearing denim and leaning against a doorframe.
Siri Undlin is a Minnesota musician who performs as Humbird.

Siri Undlin, AKA Humbird, joined Malachy Koons on Centerstage Minnesota on Aug. 25, 2023.

MINNEAPOLIS — According to Siri Undlin, her Humbird project has more music waiting in the wings.

A red bandana with stars, guitars, and marijuana leaves outlined on it. In the middle it says "help me WILLIE NELSON!"
On her new single "Help Me Willie Nelson!," Humbird asks the famed country singer for advice.

“I’ve been really busy touring with my bandmates the last couple of years,” said Undlin on Centerstage Minnesota. “It’s been pretty full on and as a result, we’ve sort of stockpiled a lot of music that’s just been waiting to come out.”

So far this year she has released two singles as Humbird. In the first, “Help Me Willie Nelson!,” she asks for some guidance from the famous country singer, both as a musician and as a human.

“He’s just so distinct, but he’s very casual as well,” Undlin said. “He’s helped me a lot in some philosophical ways.”

The second single is a cover of Sheryl Crow’s “Strong Enough,” released on the benefit series Broken Glass. Run by record label Nettwerk, the series raises funds for different organizations. Humbird’s cover will raise money for Keep Our Clinics.

A purple tinted image of Siri Undlin who performs as Humbird. In white letters "Humbird" and "Strong Enough".
Humbird's new single is a cover of "Strong Enough" by Sheryl Crow.

The group “puts money towards clinics staying open for health care and abortion access for everyone,” Undlin said. “They invited me to do it and I love Sheryl Crow, so I jumped at the opportunity.”
Fans of Humbird will have a chance to see her live Saturday, Aug. 25, in Deerwood. She is performing at the 2023 Storyhill Fest and is looking forward to sharing the stage with other Minnesota acts.

“It has that family reunion feel,” Undlin said. “We do have the opportunity to tour all over the place, which is fun in different ways, but it definitely is sort of this grounding feeling to be in the Midwest and playing with bands we know and love and are our friends for years.”

Check out the complete conversation with Siri Undlin of Humbird above.

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