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Boozhoo Nanaboozhoo Video: April - Boiling things down Moon

Nana Boozhoo and Natasha the stars of the show!

A puppet podcast by Michael Lyons, supported by the MN Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund

Michael Lyons is the creator of the puppet podcast Boozhoo Nanaboozhoo.

This year, he's creating videos for KAXE/KBXE. We'll learn Ojibwe culture and language and get to see for ourselves the wonderful relationship of Natasha and Nanaboozhoo.

Today, the Ojibwe word of the day is "Iskigamizige-giizis" – meaning boiling things down moon. Which is the time of year called April.

KAXE - _APRIL_ in Ojibwe - BOOZHOO NANABOOZHOO by Michael Lyons(2).mp4

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