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MN Duck Season 2022

Steve Cordts, MN DNR Waterfowl Biologist, discusses the hunting season and more.

…when it's cold out like this, ducks have to move around to find forage, so they fly around a lot more and the wind kind of stirs them up. And then with the northwest winds, migrant ducks move in…So it's pretty much prime conditions…  Steve Cordts, MN DNR

Duck season opened in Minnesota September 24th. Producer Katie Carter caught up with MN DNR Waterfowl Biologist Steve Cordts last week. They discussed the season, the health of duck populations in Minnesota, the path of his career studying ducks, and he shared some thoughts on a good hunt.

…first and foremost this time of year is safety. Have your life vest on, warm gear…it's that time of year where you do not want to be in the water. So safety first… Think about that, how you load boats and dogs and handle guns. No duck is worth taking a drink at this time of year as far as flipping a boat or something like that…and also…scouting… go out and look the day before you hunt…. a couple of different lakes … see how many ducks are there or what part of the lake they're using or where they're flying, that sort of thing, and certainly your odds go up … Steve Cordts, MN DNR Waterfowl Biologist

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Be safe out there! Safety first!

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