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Boozhoo Nanaboozhoo Ojibwe word of the day is Medicine Wheel “Mashkikii Detibised”

Boozhoo Nanaboozhoo with Michael Lyons on the Monday Morning Show

This week Nanaboozhoo teaches us about “Mashkikii Detibised” or Medicine Wheel that refers to the Four Stages of Life. Stage 1 is Baby(ies)- Abinoojiiyens(ag) and Child(childeren)- Abinoojii(yag). Stage 2 is Boy(s)- Gwiiwizens(ag) and Girl(s)- Ikwesens(ag). Stage 3 is Women(Women)- Ikwe(wag) and Man(men)- Inini(wag). Stage 4 is the elders or Old Woman(women)- Mindimooye(yag) and Old Man(men)- Akiwenzii(yag).

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