Monday during Morning Show

Spread the word - KAXE and KBXE, Northern Community Radio is launching a new show for Minnesota writers!

I’m Robert Jevne and my favorite moments as a listener of KAXE/KBXE have always been hearing writers and poets in their own words. Wordish is a new writer-centered audio segment and we want to hear from you – your voice, your words. We have expanded the format to include short fiction and creative essay as well as poetry so you have more opportunity to express yourself.

Rules and how to submit are located here.

What the world needs now is better words.

Ways to Connect

This week, I expose one of my guilty pleasures. Are you brave enough to admit you share my predilection? Give a listen - Join the cause.

If you missed wordish the last couple of weeks, here's your opportunity to catch up! Poets D.E. Green and Kevin Zepper give very different accounts regarding the intersection of vehicle and nature. Listen here, and then submit your own writing to wordish@kaxe.org

This week, Little Falls writer Jonathan Wichmann reads a poem about meditation and the effects of silence

Cate Belleveau of Puposky has been thinking about burning money... Listen here to find out what she means.

If you look at it the way Steve Juenemann does - humans and red squirrels have a lot in common. Listen to his insights here!

Does the writing of poetry revolve around a red wheel-barrow? This week on wordish Emilio DeGrazia lays out his case.

Will man's best friend come through in the end? Mike Finley dangles possibility and longing in his poem, "Teaching My Dog to Read". Listen to it here!

Scott Lowery brings us this powerful poem about teaching...and learning