Phenology Talkbacks: Wolves, Skunks and Attack Birds, Oh My!

Feb 7, 2017

    Every day is special at Northern Community Radio. Tuesdays are special because we get to hear from our listeners about what they are noticing in the natural world.  Every Tuesday morning on the Phenology Show, resident phenologist John Latimer shares comments, observations and questions about the natural world that come from our listeners. 

Wolves, deer, birds attacking a mink, honeysuckle branches undergoing seasonal changes, a deer running around with a mostly torn off leg, a skunk and birds changing their songs to those of spring are just a few highlights of this week’s reports! 

Thank you to the classrooms at North Shore Community School, Robert J. Elkington Middle School and Roosevelt Elementary for participating in our phenology program!  These kids are doing a phenomenal job collecting and compiling data and sharing it with the world.  Nice job! 

Thanks also to Ed, Ruth, Dallas and everyone else who connected with John or the station about what they’ve been observing,  phenology-wise! 

Have you noticed something? Have a question?  Want to make a comment?   We’d love to hear from you!  You can call us at 218.999.9876, email the station or email John directly.  You also check out what other people are noticing each day by joining our KAXE-KBXE Season Watch page on Facebook.

If you are a teacher interested in getting students engaged with our phenology program,  email John Latimer directly and let him know!  He loves visiting classrooms and sharing insights, knowledge and experience in documenting phenology.   It really is a great way for kids to connect with the natural world around them!