Phenology Talkbacks: Listeners' & Students' Phenology Observations

Mar 17, 2020

We connect you to northern Minnesota at Northern Community Radio and Tuesdays are extra special as we go deep into phenology territory to give you a comprehensive picture of the biological events happening in nature as they relate to climate.  It's our day to really focus on what's going on in terms of climate and nature.   We heard incredible reporting from students this week and we are really hoping they continue to call in their reports even if school is cancelled! If you have a report, leave a message at 218-999-9876 or send an email to John.  We want to hear from you! 

So many fantastic signs of spring... listen to the links for the sweet details in these reports! 

Ed and Dallas report sandhill cranes, pussy willows and chipmunks!

The kids in Ely report sap running and pollen allergies!

In Virginia, among other things, they've witnessed circling eagles and lots of deer!

Kids in Kelliher saw wolf tracks, blue jays and melting ice!

Augie in Shevlin reports nearly 12 hours of daylight! 

At Pike Lake kids report several eagles sharing a deer carcass and learn about the fierceness of the shrike!

Barnum kids report chickadees, nuthatches and robins! 

Hill City students noticed open water, coyote tracks and trumpeter swans!

And in Northfield, our southern most school report, they saw flocks of robins and a red-winged blackbird!  Yay Spring!