Phenology Talkbacks and Student Reports: 4/28/20

Apr 28, 2020

WOW!  We heard from so many people this week!  We loved all the incredible reports!  Click on the links to hear the beauty that folks are witnessing.  What a dreamy time to live in northern Minnesota!  

Augie's Report from Shevlin includes frogs, leeches and snakes, oh my!

Tony on Dixon Lake reports kingfishers among other amazing things!

Peyton's report from the Ely 6th graders has all kinds of hope for green things to come!

Blackberry school reports robins, ice outs and skunks!

North Shore Community School reports sparrows returning and tulips budding!

Pike Lake kids saw butterflies, dead frogs and much more

Clark from Barnum reports bees, grouse, and worms!

Mrs. V, the Barnum Principal, sent in a fun report, too!

Prairie Creek School reports blooms, buds, and more!

Daniel Dix observed something "otterly" romantic!

Chris from Hill Lake gave us a full report of spring having sprung in her neck of the woods!

John reported on several emails from listeners as well: 

What have YOU seen?  Send an email or leave a voicemail at 218-999-9876. We'd love to hear about it!