Let's Visit Dorset!

Dec 18, 2019

We love that it's just a little community that feels like home.  It just has this feeling of everybody just coming and having a good time together.  It's a tradition. People come here every year and it's so fun to see those same people every year...We don't care if they go to our place, to Companeros, or wherever, they're coming into town and we love it. - Rachel Erickson, owner of the Dorset Chick'n Coop Reastaurant and Bar

This summer we visited Dorset, MN and fell in love with the tiny resort community known as the Restaurant Capital of the World.  Bicycle friendly with food options galore, it is the perfect summer stop.  When winter sets in most of the restaurants close other than the Chicken Coop.  Listen to these Let's Visit segments to learn about one of the weirdest mayoral races we've heard of, what life is like growing up in Dorset and much more!