City of Bemidji helping bars and restaurants during phase 2 reopening.

Jun 3, 2020

Michael Meehlhaus, the ward 1 representative for the Bemidji City Council, joins Maggie Montgomery on the Wednesday Morning Show to discuss how the city is helping bars and restaurants in the phase 2 reopening.  Many of the downtown businesses do not have space for outdoor seating.  Meehlhuas tells us how the city council worked with business owners on plans to use the adjacent parking areas to give them that space.  The city rented barriers for the summer to help the businesses create a space in front of their restaurants.  There is also a temporary special resolution in place allowing city staff to work directly with business owners to reopen without having to wait for the next meeting to go before the council.

Meehlhaus reminds us that there is still a pandemic out there and it is more important than ever to wear your facemask, keep washing your hands and follow social distancing.