Per-Capita Sauna Capital?

Jan 3, 2017

Northern Minnesota is expecting actual temperatures in the teens below zero for most of this week, with wind chills reaching -25 or -30. In temperatures like these many hardy souls are stoking up their sauna stoves, pouring on the steam, and ultimately stepping out the door into what would otherwise be painful cold with sighs of relief. Steam rolls off the body, and there is a magical period when you can feel that the air is cold are not cold. If it's night you can stand in your robe or towel to look at the stars. You can roll in the snow. Some folks jump in a lake!

We wondered...could Northern Community Radio be the per-capita sauna capital of the public radio system? We will never know for sure, but you sent us some pictures. If you have sauna photos for us to add, send them to Enjoy!