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Soft Landing: multidimensional exhibit inspired by far out journeys of the mind

Rachel Collier Artwork.jpg

Rachel Collier's abstract, textural wall rugs and paintings.

I really have always been a person who…I just go to outer space in my mind, as far out as I can get. I was always kind of like that. I just definitely did that when I was little and almost maybe in an OCD kind of way… I would be counting numbers, just trying to reach the end, trying to just get as far away, because that is where things are the happiest and make the most sense and there's the most peace and calmness. And I also have the same idea of going underwater... I've always had a deep relationship with underwater, and outer space is the same, essentially. – Rachel Collier

Rachel Collier

Rachel Collier’s multimedia exhibit, Soft Landing, is a collection of abstract, large-scale, multidimensional paintings and wall rugs of high vibrational colors that evoke a sensation of calm buoyancy… Collier discusses her process, inspiration, and more in this Area Voices.

Rachel Collier Texture.jpg

A lot of people approach rug making from a printmaker perspective…where you're translating an image has already been created, and I'm definitely taking a more painterly approach…these are high frequency colors, and it really does feel like vibrational uplifting…I'm really interested in going upwards and keeping things light - sometimes just in order to contrast dark. – Rachel Collier

Rachel Collier Joy.jpg

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