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Bestselling Author Brad Meltzer is Back: His Latest and How His Rosa Parks and MLK Jr. Books Were Banned In PA in Conjunction with Claims of Critical Race Theory


We love talking with Brad Meltzer about this Ordinary People Change the World Series. Yes, for kids. But for us to talk a moment and think differently. See clearly. Understand that we are not that different from the Oprah Winfreys or Frida Kahlos of the world.

When it came to our attention that a school in Pennsylvania considered "I Am Rosa Parks" and "I Am Martin Luther King Jr." as part of critical race theory and banned them, we knew this conversation would help us understand the rift in our world right now. Recently we interviewed candidates for the District 318 school board. These local offices are important - and are being watched nationally.

As he writes in the latest "I Am Oprah Winfrey".... Everyone has a story to tell. You do too. When you share your story with others, something becomes clear: You're Not Alone.

Who doesn't need a reminder of that?

Watch this video of Brad Meltzer about the banning of books.

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