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Women's Empowerment Fund Seeks Women Leaders for Peer Advisory Program By February 1st


The Women’s Leadership Fund, a non-profit and all-volunteer effort to support and accelerate the strengths and skills of women in organizational leadership positions, is now recruiting for its WELead peer advisory Cohorts that will begin in April 2020 in Brainerd/Little Falls region.  Deadline to apply is February 1st.

Each group is made of up to 10 women leaders who meet monthly and support and advise on each other’s personal and professional goals.

Women who are directors or small business owners are encouraged to apply. Kristy Ackley she is volunteer co-chair of the Women's Leadership Fund and a Partner at Fair Winds Consulting located in the Brainerd Lakes Area that serves all of Minnesota.

Casey Gromer is part of a current cohort with WeLead and she is a 20-year marketing veteran and founder and CMO of Wave Marketing – that works with small town businesses.

What Does WELead Do?

The goals of WELead cohorts include:

  • Create a space for executive women to further develop their skills and connections to better lead their organizations and contribute to the vitality of the region.
  • Facilitate deeper connections of women leaders throughout the region to foster increased collaboration, business ideas, community initiatives, etc.
  • Facilitate the peer mentorship of women across industries and backgrounds, regardless of age, religion or race.
  • Enable coaching opportunities for improved personal and professional outcomes.
  • Build the confidence of individuals to seek out other women to mentor and exponentially grow women leaders across all types of organizations and in all stages of their careers.