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Refugees, Immigrants and the Law with Advocates for Human Rights


We are seeing headlines in news that have to do with immigration and asylum in the United States.  there is a nonprofit in Minneapolis that works in Minnesota, the nation and the world.  On Friday they put out a response that denounced The President’s  Proclamation to block asylum in the US.  Advocates for Human Rights said:

The administration’s direct attack on asylum is the worst assault our protection system has ever witnessed. The law is clear. Everyone has right to seek and enjoy asylum and people fleeing for their lives cannot be denied asylum because of illegal entry or presence in a country.

On Wednesday Advocates for Human Rights will be in northern MN for a series of community events put on by the Grand Rapids Human Rights Commission.

The Grand Rapids Human Rights Commission continues their Human Rights in the News – Understanding the Issues. On Wednesday Nov. 14th they present Refugees, Immigrants and the Law with Advocates for Human Rights – a nonprofit organization in Minneapolis with a mission to implement international human rights standards to promote civil society and reinforce the rule of law. Panel discussion is at 12pm at Chucker Auditorium at Itasca Community College and at 6:30 at the Blandin Foundation. Both talks are free and open to the public.