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Solar Systems 3: Individual Users in Northern MN

We have the third in aseries of reports and interviews about solar energyand the people who use it and build it here in northern MN. 

In this series we’ll meet people who have installed solar energy in their homes.  We’ll hear how Minnesota’s public and private utilities, are investing in large solar projects and accommodating smaller ones.   We’ll learn about the growing interest in community solar gardens and how they work; and we’ll provide consumer information that can help you understand the most affordable ways to incorporate solar energy into your home or community.

In this installment, Scott Hall talks with Art Norton - he and his wife Karen Noyce have had solar in Blackberry since 1982, David and Sue Lick from Wabana Township have had solar since 2006 and John Latimer, our very own staff phenologist will tell us about his solar energy that he's been using since 1983.  In addition, our staff metereologist Tornado Bob joins the conversation. 

Stay tuned for more reports about “Solar Systems”, our series on the potential for solar power in northern MN.  There are many on-line sources for information about solar power in MN.


MN Power

Xcel Energy

The Solar Foundation

Solar Energy Industries Association

The MN Department of Commerce web site points out that Minnesotans are often surprised to learn that our state has solar resources similar to areas of Florida and Texas. 

And did you know?  There's a 30% federal Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit remains in place through 2019.

If you have comments or questions or a solar story to tell, email us!